Top 9 Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Top 9 Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Who doesn’t love a great birthday celebration with friends and family? And let’s not forget the cake and presents! It can be tricky to throw a great birthday party without the right music or tasty food, but a party theme is what makes for an easy and memorable celebration.

We want to provide you with some simple ways to step up your party planning game. The first step in planning is to pick a party theme. Once you know what your boy and his friends would like, the rest will fall into place easily.  

As stated, the first step is to pick a good boys birthday party theme. We have been helping kids celebrate their birthday parties for quite some time. You could say we are even experts in helping people have the best parties! Here are the top themes we recommend. Like we said, once you pick a theme the rest is easy! 

Let’s go through the top 9 birthday party themes your boy is sure to love: 

Video Game Party Theme: This is a great one! What young boy, or even older boy, doesn’t love video games?  Next, find out your son’s favorite video game and get their favorite type of cake. Then, you can purchase cake toppers of your child's favorite video games. You can order cake toppers off of Amazon such as Funko toys, LEGO, Minecraft, Fortnite, and more. Video game parties are easy to host since you can rent a gaming trailer or get multiple TV’s set up in the house where the boys can play their favorite video games. Try and find games that everyone can play and that are appropriate for the age. Some great video game party favors that can be related to your kid’s favorite video game characters are stickers, action figures, pencils, keychains and some sweet video game themed treats. 

Boys Video Game Birthday party theme

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Soccer Party Theme: Does your son love to play soccer and wants to be the next great player in the game? Then a soccer theme party is a great option. An easy party game choice is to have guests play a game of soccer. You can make things more exciting with a soccer shootout or a soccer trick shot game. Players can be judged based on who can juggle the ball the longest or do foundations the fastest. Stuck indoors? You can trade in your soccer balls for some balloons and still have a blast. Fun party favors for this type of party are mini soccer balls, soccer pencils, rubber bracelets of your favorite soccer team, and soccer ball keychains. 

Soccer Party Birthday Supplies 

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Basketball Party Theme: Boys love to play basketball and if your son is a big-time hoop fan then a basketball party theme will surely be a hit. If your party is outdoors and you have a hoop available there are a ton of fun game options for guests. You can have games of one-on-one, kind of the court, knockout, and pig or horse. You can also have a dribbling contest to see who can dribble the longest or the farthest distance. These games can also be played indoors using balloons. You can set up a mini hoop on a door or even use a waste basket as a hoop to play these great games. Some fun party favors for guests include a mini basketball hoop for a door, and mini basketballs of the local team or the birthday boy’s favorite team. Score a “3-pointer” with our selection of basketball theme party supplies.

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Ninja Birthday Party Theme. Is your son into karate or loves to pretend to be a ninja? Does he like watching the Ninjago cartoon show? If so, this would be a perfect birthday party theme! You can pick it up here and then get a cake design with a ninja on it. There are so many options for great ninja games you can do at the party. You can create a mini-ultimate ninja obstacle course. Use balloons and plastic ninja swords so the boys have warriors to attack. You can even make a rule that each boy has to say “HI-YA!” or the attack doesn’t count! To make the experience more immersive, you can draw masks on balloons that are filled with helium. Another game you can play is called Blind Ninja. In this game, one child is blindfolded and has to find another child without being able to see. You can also have a DIY ninja weapons crafts station so children can create fun mementos from the party. Other great party favors would be plastic or inflatable ninja swords, LEGO Ninjago Lego sets, plastic ninja throwing stars, or ninja face masks. 

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Army Birthday Party Theme: Does your son love the army? Is his father or a family member in the armed forces? Does he like to dress up and wear camo?  If he does, then this birthday party theme could be a perfect option for him. Here are a few fun games for the party: Get nerf guns and shoot targets; whomever shoots the most targets can win an awesome prize! Party guests can even have a nerf war fight. Take the experience to another level and set up a laser tag session for the birthday boy and his friends, with camo gear for everyone to wear. Other fun games to include could be a water balloon war, capture the flag, or Hot Grenade. Hot Grenade is similar to hot potato. To play, get a potato or a pretend grenade and have participants sit in a circle. Play music and have those in the circle pass the potato or pretend grenade around. When the music stops, the person holding the item is out! And like hot potato, the last person standing wins. Great party favors would be mini army men with parachutes, squirt guns, camo face paint sets, dog tags, and camo bandanas. We have all of the supplies you need to throw an awesome army themed birthday party for your favorite boy. 

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Cowboy party theme: Does your son love to dress up as a cowboy? Is he a big fan of Woody from Toy Story? If so, the cowboy theme is a perfect theme for your son’s birthday party. We find that if you go with the cowboy theme, then it’s great to get other kids to dress up and do some cowboy games like a shootout with nerf guns or even a water gun fight. Bobbing for apples and pin the tail on the horse are other fun game options for this kind of party theme. You can give sheriff badges and squirt guns as party favors for guests to commemorate the fun time they had at the party.

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Pirate Party: Is your son into swashbuckling pirates? Does he like the series “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” or other fun pirate shows and movies? If so, then he would surely love to have a pirate themed party. You can help guests to dress up and have fun with some eye patches, bandanas, and clip on earrings. Pirate party games can be fun and creative. You can play musical hook where, which is like musical chairs though the last person with a hook on their hand is out. You can get plastic swords and have kids balance a balloon in the air the longest. Party guests can go on a treasure hunt, using a map that you create, and find buried treasure. Other fun games include having guests find the croc by hearing the tick tock of a clock (hide a crocodile action figure or plush animal with a ticking noise on it from a phone or other device), bobbing for apples, or even walk the plank into a pool or tub of water. Party favor ideas include eye patches, bandanas, hooks, LEGO sets of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and cool pirate accessories like swords and hats. For birthday cake you can easily get pirate-themed cake-toppers (such as from Jake and the Never Land Pirates) or even have a pirate cake made with a pirate map where x marks the spot of the treasure!

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Dinosaur Party: If your son is an up-and-coming paleontologist and loves everything about dinosaurs then this is a great party theme option! There are plenty of fun themed games to keep kids busy at a dinosaur themed party. If you have a sand pit you can create a dino dig excavation, where the boys dig for dinosaur eggs, bones, or even dinosaur action figures. Another game is a dino egg race. Players will each have a spoon in their mouth and will have to balance an egg on the edge of the spoon, racing across a finish line and keeping the egg in one piece. You could decorate the eggs with markers or crayons to look like they are from a dinosaur! Other games include pin the head on the dinosaur and a dino egg hunt (similar to an Easter egg hunt). Some great party favors for a dinosaur party would be dinosaur-themed candy, pencils, erasers, and balloons. Don’t forget some plastic dinosaurs and dino eggs!

Dinosaur Party birthday party supplies

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Space Party Theme: This party theme is truly out of this world. Who wouldn’t love to explore the universe and have a party in space? As a kid, this party theme can be really fun and exciting. Some fun space party games are a Saturn ring toss. Have kids pair up and toss hula hoops around their partner. Whoever gets five hoops around wins! You can also play musical planets. Get markers to designate or make all the planets in our solar system. Players walk around the planets while music is playing. Once the music stops, players have to stand on a planet. Remove a planet each round until there is one person remaining as the winner. You can also make balloon rockets and have a contest to see who can shoot the farthest. You can easily have an asteroid hunt by painting rocks different colors and hiding them for the boys to find. Create your own meteor shower by getting a piñata and having it look like a meteor. Have the boys whack the meteoroid until the candy “showers” out. For a fun craft project, guests can make space helmets to wear during the party and to take home a souvenir. Great party favors would be universe or planet stress balls, foam spaceships, little astronaut or alien men, pencils, and erasers.

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Hopefully one of these birthday party themes will make your child’s birthday party a hit! Remember the key to a good birthday party starts with picking a theme, so pick one of these themes or find another one that gets our boy excited and ready to party. After finding the perfect theme, you can effortlessly plan the cake, games, activities, food, and party favors all around the theme you choose. 


If you would like to look at other birthday party themes, you can find more themes and party ideas here for girls, boys, adults, and other celebrations. 

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Top 9 Birthday Party Themes For Boys
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